Easilog for General Internal Medicine

It can be tough to keep track of all the patients you see in a fast moving specialty like General internal medicine.

Easilog's flexible logbook system makes it easy to keep on top of admissions you see, as well as procedures you do on call and your continuing professional education.

It just takes a minute to keep your logbook up-to-date in the middle of a hectic medical take.

Benefit from easilog's extensive procedure database covering all general medical procedures. If you have a second specialty you can even use easilog for that, too.

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Easilog's GIM logbooks are designed to satisfy requirements of GIM trainees, doctors dual accrediting alongside other specialties and also revalidation for accredited specialists.

General medicine Procedures

Common cardiology
  • DC cardioversion
  • Portable echocardiogram
Common gastroenterology
  • Ascitic drain
  • Paracentesis
Common neurology
  • Lumbar puncture
Common respiratory medicine
  • Argyll pleural drain
  • Pigtail pleural drain
  • Pleural aspiration
  • Pleural decompression
  • Seldinger pleural drain
Common rheumatology
  • Joint aspiration
  • Joint injection
Common miscellany
  • Arterial access
  • Central venous access
  • Urinary catheterisation
  • Venous cannulation
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