Easilog was founded in 2013 by a group of doctors and software developers.

We know from our own experience that all doctors need to to keep accurate and secure training records. There is an inherent contradiction between the requirement for verifiable records of training undertaken, versus the need for all records to be anonymised. We saw that an online anonymised logbook that allows doctors to record training as it happens could bridge that gap, and we set out to make it happen.

Since we started, the marketplace has changed a lot. Commercial competitors have come and gone, and even some Royal Colleges’ e-logbook schemes have been abandoned.

From a starting point of just five users (who were all part of the development team!) we now have thousands of subscribers in over 50 specialties. Our service continues to develop and recently we introduced our first Premium paid-for logbook accounts. The aim remains the same: to give doctors a useful tool to progress their training as quickly and easily as possible.


This website and associated services are operated by Easilog Ltd, a company registered in England & Wales, company no 08023816. Registered office 87 Corringham Road, London NW11 7DL.