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Organise your clinical and non-clinical training records in a secure, structured, and searchable logbook

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easilog has a vast database of medical and surgical procedures. The default list is customised to your specialty area but is infinitely expandable.

Clinics and outpatients

Use easilog's powerful categories to organise your logbook of clinic patients however you want. Record clinic outcomes for use in productivity reviews, and clinical data for evidence of progression in training.

Admissions and clerkings

Keep comprehensive records of patients you admit to hospital or clerk on the wards. Many postgraduate medical training schemes now ask for evidence of exposure to the acute take and easilog helps you keep a full and detailed record of this activity.

Continuing professional development

Your versatile easilog logbook can record non-clinical medical education including conferences, publications, audit and teaching making it ideal to keep your revalidation and recertification records.

The definitive all-in-one clinical e-logbook


UK data centre with secure encrypted storage


Custom datasets for 100s of medical procedures


Categorise and search all your training records

Includes procedures, clerkings, admissions, outpatients & continuing medical education

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Professional reports show all your medical training

Produce comprehensive reports quickly

Concise logbook summaries at the click of a button.

Ideal for use in ARCPs, training reviews and job interviews.

Add entries quickly over the web

The powerful web interface makes it quick and easy to add log entries from a computer or any mobile.

Add clinical procedures as well as non-clinical medical education including conferences, publications, audit and teaching activity.

Coming soon... dedicated Android and Apple apps to make your logbook even more connected.

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